will it grow? print

will it grow? print


Will It Grow?

8” x 10” Print

Spring 2018 Series

I love all things space and vintage….obviously. So here is another piece that would be focused around the image of the girl holding a plant. I knew that I wanted the plant to be placed on the Earth’s surface so I then had to search for an Earth that was the right size. Collage is such a fun art for me because it is about searching and discovering various puzzle pieces that will help make the collage story complete. Once I found the right Earth and space to make the vintage girl glow, Will it Grow? came together.

This 8” x 10” piece is printed on Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper. Luster paper has a smooth texture for a professional finish and really shows off the vibrant colors of this far out piece, Will It Grow?

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