creation print

creation print


Creation (Color Your World)

8” x 10” Print

Winter 2017 Series

I go to a lot of thrift stores, rummage sales, estate sales, etc in my line of work. So when I stumbled upon an old paint by number coloring book I was so excited. I was immediately drawn to this girl. I use a lot of reoccurring images in my collage work and I love using hands, especially when they are reaching for something. And after more searching, I came upon the paint set and finally had something to put together. To me, this piece is in reference to The Creation of Adam, the fresco painting by Michelangelo. Her hand is just inches away from the creating power of the paint.

This 8” x 10” piece is printed on Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper. Luster paper has a smooth texture for a professional finish and really shows off the vibrant colors of this unique piece, Creation…. color your world.

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